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For those who really would prefer to visit 'Aircrew Remembrance Society' please contact us and we will provide you with their website address.

After spending 4000 hours of our own time AND at our own cost developing a presence for aircrew stories, we were forced to conclude it was no longer possible for us to continue to support or work with the two people who style themselves rather pompously as 'Aircrew Remembrance Society'. The only thing we regret about our decision is that we let their abusive and unacceptable behaviour go on for as long as we did. We should have cut them adrift much earlier.

Thus far we have kept a dignified silence about all this and have never responded to the long chain of lies this pair have uttered about us, but we've had enough. We were prepared to forget the past and get on with the future, but they just keep banging on about how dreadful we are.

A year after we told them to take a hike, this pair continues to lie about us on their new site, claiming we 'hijacked' their site name and content. They do this to deflect readers from the fact they can't be bothered to do the hard work needed to develop a really useful site, as a result of which their new site has seen just a dribble of new content in the past 12 months.

The facts are we always owned and paid for the old site name and we developed and owned the vast majority of its content ourselves with very little input from them. We were the ones up at 2AM responding to family emails. And when we moved our own content over to our new site, we left behind the few pages they had written. A very small number of pages, in fact. We have no need to hijack anything: we've added over 300,000 records to our site in the past 12 months! That's what hard work and dedication can do.

Instead of strutting around posing as 'Chairman' of a non-existent entity (last time we checked, there is no 'Society' as you and I recognize the term, it's just a name they invented so they can seem important) this pair should stop their pathetic and childish moaning about us, and get on with the hard work of making their own site the best it can be.

In December 2012 we designed our new site Aircrew Remembered to enable us to deploy new technologies that we hope will make possible the release of millions of untold personal stories currently buried in cupboards and drawers across the world. We've made several advances already to enhance our service, and there's a lot more to come.

All our earlier copyrighted work is on the new site and our work continues, and indeed greatly expands. You will shortly arrive at our new site where you should find the information you are seeking today plus many more subjects to interest you. We have over 400,000 individual records at varying levels of detail to study! Please use the Search facilities on Aircrew Remembered to locate the specific page you are looking for and remember to Bookmark our site.

If you submitted information or photos in the past and are interested to know how this material was dealt with in regard to the new site, please contact us and we will, of course, respond. Respect for you and your loved ones is foremost: that is why we do this work. Email Us

We hope you enjoy our new site, which has been built for you, the family member and researcher.

"Thank you so much.... I have been trying to find information on my dad ... thank you so much for the work you have put into the web site..." Ms S.D.

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